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Since the 1990’s Carl has been inspired to help others and has done his utmost to do this.

When he left college he had an opportunity to attend University to study business but decided that he wanted to start work and earn money instead. His reasons was that his actions in starting work earlier, would balance out for later and he would be earning the same amount of money as when he would of left Uni. Erm, he was wrong.

When he was 19 he bought his first house and in doing this, it meant his life was set… or was it? When he was 20 he realised his mistake in his education as the jobs he wanted demanded more than his measly A-Levels. It was time for his first drastic action. He went back to education, worked full time, kept his house and worked through his business, marketing and finance course, qualifying and coming out the other side with the education he wanted.

After he got the education, he suddenly started to get a feeling, telling him to do something ‘more’. This was the start of his collection of hats. The hats were smart ones, big ones, hard ones, soft ones, kevlar ones, sneaky ones and ‘metaphoric’ ones. Yes he collected a lot of hats all in different colours and disciplines.

In the year 2000 he joined the Police, expecting to be tasked to deal with everyday crime but the reality was very different. He worked his way through training and was released to police his town of Swindon. This job gave him a chance to wear lots of hats but in 2009 he had ran out of hats he was able to collect. He decided that he wanted to collect more hats in another Government agency (on a part time basis) whilst in full time employment he became a Royal Airforce Auxiliary Airman otherwise known as an ‘Oggie’. He had joined another ‘blue’ uniformed organisation, funny how the same colour keeps re-occurring.

He worked in both uniforms, wearing the different hats depending on which day of the week it was. But then 2011 had some major plans for him. In January 2011, he was shot at whilst wearing his everyday hat (read part of the story here). Believing at the time it was a real gun and the shots being fired were live rounds, he fought for his life. Most people would have had enough of the macho stuff by then, but as it has been previously arranged in February 2011 he was mobilised and ended up in Afghanistan with his weekend job.


It was all go and then in October 2011, he returned to his normal operational day job and wearing his everyday hat again. Then things started getting weird.

He thought it was a good thing to see the back of 2011, then 2012 came along and things just plateaued. Carl carried on working, putting things behind him, burying them but then in the Summer of 2012 he was told he had been put forward for a National Bravery Award and was due to go to London to visit Number 10 (read more here) and (here – page 37). It was a fantastic time and was a once in a lifetime experience, just as the previous experiences had been.

Returning to work, things felt odd and a year later things were not right. The in February 2014, Carl was sent to an incident 2 doors down from where the original incident occurred back in 2011 and this was the start of a new darker chapter. For 8 months he battled to keep thing under control and in September 2014 he fell off the ‘normal’ wagon for the first time. It was an incredibly scary time, but without his happening he would not have found a need and desire to learn, retrain and do all he could to battle this thing called ‘stress.’

“This was the Start of The Caveman Principles.”

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