Caveman Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a positive experience, for all those that want to do something different with their lives. A change does not have to be ‘life-changing’ as small changes can be just as important.

There are plenty of coaching out there but there is only one Caveman Coach. Carl has a diploma in coaching, has studied (and qualified) in a number of other therapies and has written his Caveman Principles book which echo and support his coaching practice.

Our Caveman coach operates very differently to many other coaches, he is there for his client and not the other way around (this is for those that have experience a long term contract). Carl believes that he can produce long lasting change in a short period of time and then he only needs to be on standby for his clients, when or if they need a top up!

His years of training, listening and pulling apart complex problems shine through in his coaching abilities. His clients always leave happy and positively charged to change their world. 

Business Coaching

Our Caveman Coach, loves business coaching as much as he loves life coaching.

He especially loves working with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) and new start ups. Carl particularly enjoys working with these groups as he can really make a difference to these businesses getting to the ‘next’ level. He coaches businesses in creating websites, content, social media and marketing, all those essential areas that need to be put in place, with a business plan and a work diary.

He wants to create a better life for his clients and he knows his clients business is their life.

carl rosier-jones

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