Happy new – Blah, Blah, Blah..

Blah, Blah, Blah…

It is that time of year for everyone to write their “New Year” message. They will all read the same, “lets make great plans.. Blah, Blah, Blah…” Then you get the “Lets look back at all the good things, Blah, Blah, Blah…” and of course who can make it out of the year without seeing, reading or hearing the “My New year resolution is.. Blah, Blah, Blah….” and the “I will do it/stick to it/keep my word this time…” rubbish.

What a load of old twaddle! Yes I used ‘Twaddle’ to describe New Year… A very good friend of mine, Kez used the “it’s only a number…” Um, yes, yes it is but it is also wrong. You see we are about to go into 2017… (this is just a number) but the The Amazigh people of Algeria celebrated year 2598! So who got their numbers wrong..?

We not only have to worry about the correct number, we also have to worry about the right date… Chinese New Year (between 21st January and 21St February – according to the moon..) The Jewish New Year is in the Autumn. Islamic New Year usually in November (again the moon cycle is used to work out when) and also the Thai New Year is celebrated over 3 days, 13-15th April – what a hangover! What about the Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash) celebrated after the ‘Big Rains’ – was it a wash out?

So why are you still reading this? Are you hoping for a change, a sudden up beat message about tonight? An offer “you can all come to my house and we shall see the New Year in together, with free booze?” Nah, that is definitely is not going to happen!

This is my beef, why do we use a ‘New Year’ as an excuse? An excuse to let our hair down, to celebrate one evening with friends and family, to make half hearted promises to ourselves and others, to be determined to make those positive changes we all need in our lives;

Give Up Smoking, lose weight, get fit, get a better job, improve relationships, go out more, have more fun, make time for my family ***insert yours in the comments below***… This list will go on and on and on. Every Year, which ever date you chose, which ever year we believe we are in, we do the same thing. Make promises, break them and wait for the next New Year to do it all again.

Wow – Yes I said it, New Year is a waste of time, other than to mark another date for the calendar. “New Year” resolutions only live in the memory of the ‘New Year.’ When you get to the middle of January, Christmas and New Year is a distant memory and will be forgotten, no longer spoken about,  no one will care, with everything else the New Year resolution will also die.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Once a year we make an ‘extra’ effort to see in that one New morning. That is all it is, a New Morning. We make an effort only once a year to make a difference for that one morning… Are you getting my point yet?

No matter where you are around the world, what ever date you chose to read this message on, this is for you. We only have one “New Year” celebration a year however we have another 364 (365 in a Leap year) New mornings to look forward to.

If you want to think that you will make that one change in your life on the 31st December and try and make it stick for the year, then you are a little deluded (if you disagree re-read the above, as you missed my point). A New Year needs to be celebrated absolutely, as it is part of a Tradition but this year do yourself a massive favour…


I have studied and have even wrote a book about Personal Change and I can tell you that we have gotten it wrong for too many years. If we all want to make a positive change, please do this one thing for yourself right now.

  1. Celebrate every new day, like you would if it were a New Year.

Make a difference to your personal circumstances every day, make promises to yourself every morning, make those family commitments happen, have fun at every moment, look forward to each and every day to celebrate it, don’t leave it for just the one day. As that is just a waste…

Believe that with every new day, we have a new beginning. Make the most of it, do not put off making personal changes to the end of a year, start them “Tomorrow” on a brand New Day.

Finally – I wish you all a very happy New blah, blah, blah…

Carl Rosier-Jones is the Author of the 5 star, “The Caveman Principles” the one book, everyone is talking about.

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