Merry Christmas

Caveman ChristmasMerry Christmas!

Last minute Stress advice.

Most people at this time of year convince themselves that Christmas is a time for joy, fun and lots of spirit (not the vodka or gin kind…)

However we forget that when we try so hard to make a perfect day, there are plenty of mammoths, hiding, lurking and ready to pounce, all wanting us to push our buttons. Some places you may want to check for these critters are the oven… Those Mammoths like hiding in the Turkey, the sprouts or the christmas pudding, under the tree for that missing present or even the television when there are too many programmes we want to watch.

Be mindful of their presence (not their presents) and make sure you can recognise them. Mammoths do not take Christmas off, they do not recognise Public holidays and they work for free, so try not to forget about them as they will be around, somewhere unsuspectingly.

Another small tip to reduce stress, when we visit the family (as we all do) try out the CTS (Caveman Tribal Sorter) on them and I can promise that you will not be wanting to re-enact the last Christmas fighting game. You will feel more relaxed and feel the love more at this special time of the year.

The last part of the festivities is The New Year… with the obligatory New Year Resolution, that has to be made as family keep asking (all made with your fingers crossed behind your back). This year instead of paying lip service to this amazing opportunity, try the Caveman Change Principles and make that personal change you have always wanted for so long, become a healthy habit.

At this time of year we all have to reflect on the year gone by. We need to forget the bad and look at how far we have all come (notice I did not say good). I have to say that without you, your support and positive feedback, Cave HQ would not be as busy as it is. I would not have 14 (yes fourteen) “5 star” reviews on Amazon, I would not have met so many wonderful and amazing people and my life would not be as fulfilled as it is right now – so thank you and much love to each and every one of you. x

Perhaps, with your help next year (2017) The Caveman Principles II (2) will be as big a success as the first?

Finally I would like to wish everyone of my readers, followers, friends (old and new) and clients an absolutely amazing, fabulous, Rocking Christmas!

If you feel the need, please do get in touch, it would be wonderful to hear from you and to read your personal stories you’d like to share with me. – [email protected]


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