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The Caveman Speaker

The Caveman Speaker

Hi and welcome to my speaker page. You may notice I do things a little differently to other speakers, I detest the ‘3rd person’ speak on any website so I might as well be honest and say a huge welcome from The Caveman himself – me!

I am a motivational or inspirational speaker and love presenting my Caveman talks. I like to be known as The Caveman Speaker and have invested a lot of time in perfecting my Caveman outfits. I love speaking about stress, especially mental health at work to make my audiences see the world a different way.

My passion is to motivate people into tackling daily stress, to identify their Mammoths and to fight the cause of it. Two of the other areas that cause stress, are dealing with difficult people (or idiots as I like to put it) along with another problem that is the failure to commit to personal change, sometimes due to a lack of willpower. My Caveman take on these areas are great fun. 

My newest talk, called the ‘RESPECT Principles’ are the basis of my next book.  It is about taking another look at how we tackle everyday stress in society, taking things to a whole new level.


The Caveman Principles

1st Principle.

What has this talk got to do with Paleoanthropology? The answer is absolutely nothing – but it has everything to do with why we suffer so badly from daily stress.

Being The Caveman Speaker, it is great to get my message across, walking people through why we have stress, how to recognise our Mammoths and what we can do when we feel their attack.

This is an enjoyable but serious look at an everyday problem, which everyone suffers from. Getting control of stress before gets control of us.

2nd Principle

Communication is everything, it determines how we interact in every relationship we have. When relationships break down it causes stress and we always blame the other person.

Poor communication contributes a huge amount to our daily stress. We need to look at our relationships in a different way and as the Caveman Speaker I have a great talk that will help people do this.

This talk will show a different side to your tribe and help smooth troubles, improve working relationships and create a more harmonious team.

carl rosier-jones

3rd Principle.

Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we always say we are going to change, but then nothing happens? The reason is because we need to do more that just say those words.. “I want to…” When we fail we see it looking back at us in a mirror everyday and feel dejected and stressed.

This talk is for those who want to make a personal change, whether they want to lose weight, stop smoking, reducing waist sizes, improve fitness or sorting our life out. The Caveman talk walks people through a change blueprint that shares a new look at this troublesome area. I motivate the audience making them see they can achieve Mammoth success.

Learn how to stop scaring the inner Mammoth and find out how to lead it instead – there is a much easier way, the Caveman way!

The newest, 4th Principle

Without RESPECT we have little chance of living a stress free life. Our lives are so full and busy, we sometimes forget how important it is to have RESPECT, for ourselves, our family and our colleagues.

I deliver this newest talk, walking the audience through the RESPECT principles and asking people to look at some of their own moral dilemmas.

This is the newest (and proving very popular) talk which leads into my new book – yes you have guessed it The Caveman Principles II is soon to be published.


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The Caveman’s imaginative approach to the basic human reflexes of fight, flight and freeze sheds light on our evolutionary past, and puts it into any present day context, irrespective of any ‘tribe’, real or metaphorical, that we might find ourselves inhabiting.’

Roger Bolton (Consultant – UN Development Program ‘Community Security and Arms Control’, South Sudan)

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