An Evening with The Caveman

An Evening with The Caveman

The Bohemian Balcony 9th March, Swindon’s very own Caveman with his Caveman show!

Carl is the amazing author of The Caveman Principles, which since publishing has been growing in popularity with 5 star reviews and it is making a difference to how we manage and understand our dealings with daily stress, change and relationships. The balcony welcomes him for a very motivational evening.

His view of today’s modern living leaves his listeners thinking of stress in a completely different light. The Caveman makes you understand relationships better that you ever have and he will give you his Caveman Change blueprint to create mammoth success in your own life. This fun and very engaging evening will leave you in no doubt that ‘we’ need to change our world, to make it a better and a more supportive place to live.

At the end of the evening there is a question and answer session where Carl will use his life coach skills to help give supportive direction to the audience.

Caveman show

An evening with The Caveman.

That’s right, tomorrow – Wednesday 7th March 2017, Swindon’s Bohemian Balcony is hosting a brand new show –

Everything is prepped, tested, downloaded and ready to go. I hope that all my supporters, readers and stressed out people will be there – so I can deliver the next stage of The Caveman Principles…

I will let you know how it goes.

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