Blaming Technology


Blaming Technology

Something happened yesterday that really annoyed me… so I had to check.

Being part of any community is somewhat easy. Well this one group I am lucky enough be part of, are technically all in competition with each other, at least to some degree. However the members also support each other, complicated you may think? Exactly that. It is a complicated group, support one person and upset another, or get things wrong and watch the fall out.

Now I do consider myself to be an excellent communicator. I do not mean my spelling or grammar is 100% correct all of the time (waiting for the comments below) but I do mean I can read situations. I am able to form the right response to get the right outcome most of the time…

Yesterday was one of those moments, please let me explain.

Whilst on my mobile, I read a post on LinkedIn. Someone asked for a help in curtailing a wayward team of people and they were asking for recommendations. It had only been posted for an hour and you would consider this to be a relatively fresh request. There was very little action on the post and I thought I could recommend a great speaker. Someone that I truly respect and think of as a (very) distant mentor. Clicking on the link, I saw that the very last comment was from this very same person, I thought it would be an excellent fit and they had already seen the post. Being in the first 6 comments on this post, I knew I had to work fast to get their name up in the bright lights.

All I needed to do was support their post.. that was it.. simple.. easy.. done in less than 10 seconds and sit back feeling satisfied I helped a fellow speaker.

I actually felt quite good about supporting someone and after a few hours I started getting notifications that others had commented on the same post. Interested I took a look and saw that others had also recommended the very same person. Massive result I thought, there is no way that this person could be ignored. 

A few extra hours later I manage to get to my laptop and thought about checking LinkedIn again. More comments on this very same post and more people saying the same name. Now being on a larger screen and able to use a proper keyboard and mouse, I start to read through the comments.

I saw that the very person I had recommended had commented on all the other people’s posts, thanking them and leaving a lovely note (typical of this person I thought). Then a thought, why had this person not liked or left a note on my comment. I had not only recommended them but I tagged them in the post as well – come on, where is my recognition?

I scrolled up, opening comments as I go. Then to the last 10 comments, seeing more comments and likes from this very same person. I was getting quite upset and even a little irritated. I had put their name forward and thought a little thank you was not too much to ask for. However scrolling up to my comment, I then saw it.

We have all been there, we have felt scorned, ignored and righteous in all our actions, well this feeling changed in an instant. All I wanted to do was help but at that very moment I felt sick. I reread my comment.

All I had to write was “I second ***** they’re a great speaker” but I messed this up, a simple task, that took seconds was now staring at me in the face and it was making me feel sick.sick

Using a mobile is great, instant access to all the profiles, all apps, all social media anywhere any time. All of it on a tiny screen and a tiny keyboard. Why haven’t we had this for centuries?

You see, instead of supporting this one person with what I thought I had actually typed, technology took over, auto correct “came to my rescue”  and it ended up hashing my recommendation. There was no way I could recover this stupid mistake and very quickly deleted my comment.

I started to hope that they had not read it. Why would they read my one comment, when others had also recommended them.. it was not as if I had also tagged them in my post was it… Arrgh!!

So a day later, I have thought about apologising directly. At the same time I do not want to shy away from technology, instead it is about learning, growing and becoming even better. I refuse to change the idea that I am an excellent communicator, I can blame auto correct all I like but I have to accept responsibility for my own actions.

I pass on my apologies in a blog, hoping that this person can understand what happens and in time forgive a stupid typo. 

The Caveman. x

Caveman loose at MBS London

Mind Body & Spirit Wellness Festival.

Some very exciting news this week from Cave HQ! Carl our very own Caveman has been invited to London to attend the MBS Festival.

A stall holder has been in contact, after reading The Caveman Principles. They are asking if he can come along and meet the organisers of the event. Carl has been offered the use of a sales area and to become an exhibitor whilst at the show. He plans to take up a sales booth, offering his book on the ‘Wellbeing for the 21st Century Kids and Families’ stand.
He will be at the show for the entire of Friday 28th April 2017. Some more information on the show.

Caveman London

Celebrating 40 years, Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival returns to Olympia London.

If you’re into self-development, self-empowerment, yoga, meditation and wellbeing then you should be planning a visit to the Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival.

The festival will feature some of the most inspirational and motivational speakers including Paul McKenna, Natasha Corrett and Will Young along with musicians, artists and performers from across the globe.

If you are in London and are free for a few hours next weekend, I can recommend coming along to this event. If you come on the Friday and you get a chance, why not pop over and say hello. No spoiler alerts but I plan on doing my Caveman thing!

Who is the Caveman?

Who is the Caveman?

Stand by for the big reveal… It is me!

Yes, I am the Caveman and my name is Carl Rosier-Jones. In case you need a tad more detail, I am based in Swindon, Wiltshire and have been running my Caveman Principles business for about 18 months. Wow this is going to be a very boring post if I don’t explain why I am blogging these facts which involves me, my new show and the comedian Jon Richardson (from 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown).

To get you up to speed, I have to start back a little way to add a bit of context to the last week, as these last few days have been the most exciting, challenging and explosive week (since the book launch) that has ever happened here at Cave HQ and it would not mean a lot to you if I just went on about the last few days.

For the entire of 2017 we have been planning, writing, and practising for one evening, that is the Wednesday, 8th March 2017. This date is important as this was the very first planned ‘live’ Caveman Principles show that our Caveman (me) presented. It was titled “An evening with The Caveman.”

There were a number of ‘firsts’ that happened on the 8th, we were the very first ‘official’ show at a brand new Swindon venue, The Bohemian Balcony, Jennings Street, Swindon and it was pretty cool. The turn-out for the show was better than we ever expected, being the very first one and all.

To quickly cover the show – The show started and the first half went well, as The Caveman (dressed in a smart tailored suit) presented the Stress Principles which were are all from the published book, taking people through daily stress management, dealing with stupid people and stopping ourselves form being too hard on ourselves.

The second part of the show was another ‘first’ – The Caveman was in his signature outfit and presented the brand new R.E.S.P.E.C.T. principles, finishing the show with a question and answer session and closing just after 10pm. The Caveman remained and chatted to the audience after the show for a little while and was then booked to deliver another Caveman talk in September. Everyone left that night very happy mammoths but I was walking on air, it was a truly wonderful evening.

Jon Richardson

Now we roll on to the evening of Friday 10th March when I (The Caveman) had a night off and attended the Jon Richardson comedy show “The Old Man” at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon. It was a good show, until half way through the first half when Jon decided to make comment about his use of Twitter and who had mentioned they were going to the show. From the stage he calls out “Where’s Carl… The Caveman?”

The whole audience started to look around and I (The Caveman) took a big gulp and called out “Yup” in a rather shaky but meaningful tone, knowing there was a good hours worth of comedy with my name in a comedians hands. Jon was great, he said that he had trawled the Caveman’s twitter account @carlrosierjones and was interested in the book! How great was this? Then he wanted to know how to buy it as he said he suffered from stress.

On top of that I (The Caveman) was able to announce to the whole theatre the workings and content of the book as he asked more questions and this could not have been at a better time, as it was only 2 days since I had run an entire show about it!

Jon carried on with his show but kept asking about the book and then he took a much needed break for which I was very thankful, so that I could get my thoughts back in order. Then to top of the night, throughout the second half Jon referred to me as, Carl the stress expert in the audience on more than one occasion!

Up to this point, I did not think things could get better, I left Jon’s show a very happy caveman. The whole audience had been introduced to The Caveman and the book, hence this blog!

Local news.

Even though I thought this was enough, to add even more to this story, the very next day (Saturday) some very kind soul who had come to my Wednesday evening show as an audience member at The Bohemian Balcony decided that they would take the time and write a review about my show. It was published in the local newspaper. You can read it here –

OK, I felt like I needed to stop as I was about to burst or as my wife said, my head would not fit through any doorways… but I could not stop as the local ‘Haydon Wick Living’ magazine comes out the very same weekend and an interview I did with a local counsellor at the end of last year, is printed in the middle of the magazine!

It goes to show when you believe in your business and you are willing to promote and put yourself out there, in a very hard arena to try and make a difference in people’s lives, things can suddenly start to happen.

I am proud to be The Caveman and I am proud for what we stand for here at Cave HQ. We believe we can change the world and if this last week has anything to go by, it might be happening quicker than we think!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about all this and will wait to see if there is going to be a follow up story, as we are not sure what else is coming from around the corner because we did not see this week panning out to be quite so exciting.

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